Graduate of an HCA Program in BC


Proof of training from your Educational Institution in BC 

As a graduate of an HCA program, you will need to provide information about your HCA health care education and training in BC and supply one of these accepted documents: 

  • Certificate 
  • Official Transcript *Interim Measure in place 
  • Official letter of completion from your educational institution 

    *Interim Measure: Unofficial transcripts are being accepted temporarily – subject to full verification at a later date. Transcripts must show final grades assigned for all required HCA courses. Incomplete transcripts indicating the HCA program is still in progress are not accepted. 

    After you have successfully completed the HCA program and met the requirements for graduation, your educational institution will submit a graduate verification list directly to the Registry. Your application must be complete and the graduate verification list received before your application can be processed.

    Please note:  If your education credential is more than 3 years old, you will be asked to provide a resume outlining your recent and relevant HCA work experience. Depending on your situation, you may be required to complete an HCA competency evaluation. 

    Change of Name – Official Documentation (If applicable) 

    If the name on your documents does not match the name on your application, please upload official proof of your name change:  

    • Marriage Certificate 
    • Certificate of Name Change 

    How to apply for a legal change of name  (British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency website) 

    Please be advised that it takes 5-10 business days for the Registry to complete an initial application review. Applicants are asked not to contact the Registry to enquire about application/registration status until at least 10 business days after an application is submitted. Your patience is appreciated. If you have questions about application process or requirements, please contact

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