What Makes the Ideal Health Care Assistant?

What makes a great health care assistant? HCAs are people who enjoy the company of other people. They especially enjoy spending time with – and supporting – clients who need extra care and attention. HCAs know how to be strong when those around them cannot be, and they show genuine interest in – and care for – others.

HCAs who excel in their work and who find personal satisfaction in their roles:

  • View the client as a whole person with a past, present, and future, and as a member of a family, a community, and a culture – a unique human being
  • Treat the client with dignity, no matter the situation
  • Strive to understand what is meaningful to the client and ensure that the client’s values and beliefs are respected
  • Assist clients to meet the basic human needs that they are unable to meet themselves
  • Show empathy and compassion
  • Respect the client’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Communicate effectively, using active listening and empathetic responses
  • Respect the client’s potential, and promote personal growth by offering information, choices, opportunities, and assistance
  • Acknowledge the right of each client to participate in their own care
  • Include the client as much as possible in decisions which affect them
  • Respect the role that families play in the promotion of healing
  • Act as caring advocates on behalf of the client when necessary and appropriate
  • Display honesty and integrity in all actions
  • Demonstrate competence, reliability, responsibility, and accountability
  • Take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others
  • Display a gentle acceptance of their own human imperfections and those of others
  • Display a commitment to their own growth and development as care providers

What’s Next?

Now that you know you have what it takes to become a Health Care Assistant, it’s time to start researching recognized programs that can help you get there. If you’re ready to take the first step toward a new career, check out this list of recognized HCA training programs in British Columbia.

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