Health Care Assistant Day

October 18, 2019 marks Health Care Assistant Day in BC!

Join us in celebrating and recognizing all Health Care Assistants in your community this year, to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to our health care system.

Health Care Assistants make a tremendous difference in our lives, and this annual event has been recognized by unions, educators and employers. Health Care Assistant Day was first officially proclaimed in 2011 by the BC Provincial Government.

Health Care Assistants may have many different job titles, including: Community Health Worker, Residential Care Aide, Home Support Worker, Long-Term Care Aide, Home Health Aide, Continuing Care Assistant, and Personal Care Aide.

The one thing that Health Care Assistants in BC have in common is that they are front-line care providers who promote and maintain the health, safety, independence, comfort, and well-being of individuals and their families.

Please take the time on Health Care Assistant Day (October 18, 2019) to recognize and thank Health Care Assistants across British Columbia!

Download the Proclamation here.

What do Health Care Assistants in BC value most about their role?



What do Health Care Assistants in BC value most about their role?

Photos and testimonials provided by Interior Health and Northern Health.

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