Graduate of an HCA program in Canada (or HCA Equivalent) 

Application Process

For applicants who DO NOT meet the requirements of the Expedited Pathway 

– OR

For applicants who choose the Competency Assessment Pathway over the Out of Province Expedited Pathway 

Submit Online Application 

Summary of requirements: 

  1. Proof of training from your Educational Institution(s)
  2. Change of Name – Official Documentation (If applicable)
  3. After you submit your initial application

1. Proof of training from your Educational Institution(s)

You will need to provide proof of your health care education and training by uploading one of these documents: 

  • Certificate 
  • Official Transcript 

2. Change of Name – Official Documentation (If applicable)

If the name on your documents does not match the name on your application, please upload official proof of your name change: 

  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Certificate of Name Change 

How to apply for a legal change of name  (British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency website) 

3. After you submit your initial application:

  • i) Within 5-10 days of submitting the initial application, qualified applicants will be provided with a Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS) Consent Referral Form to complete and return. Upon receipt, the Registry will refer you to the NCAS assessment process (involving scheduling, timeframes, and fees necessary to complete the full assessment)
  • ii) NCAS HCA Assessment – Within 5-10 days of referral by the Registry, NCAS will contact you directly to outline next steps for assessment completion. For further information, please visit:
  • iii) NCAS Performance Report Issued – A report will be produced within 60 days after completion of the assessment (you will receive a copy and the Registry will receive a copy). 
  • iv) Direct Registration or Remedial Education (if required) – The Registry will review this report to determine if any additional education is required to address undemonstrated competencies prior to registration. If there are no undemonstrated competencies on the assessment report, you will be directly eligible for registration.

Please be advised that it takes 5-10 business days for the Registry to complete an initial application review. Applicants are asked not to contact the Registry to enquire about application/registration status until at least 10 business days after an application is submitted. Your patience is appreciated. If you have questions about application process or requirements, please contact

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